When you own a farm or ranch, whether for business or leisure, at some point you will need equipment you don’t have. If buying new or second-hand equipment is not the best option, then renting farm equipment from a reliable local supplier is a cost-effective option.

Utilizing serious instrumentality and…

What Are Agricultural or Farming Drones?

Agricultural drone technology has been up within the previous couple of years, and therefore the edges of drones in agriculture are getting a lot apparent to farmers. Drone applications in agriculture vary from mapping and measurement to crop-dusting and spraying.

On the surface, agricultural drones aren’t any specific than different…

Blockchain technology is used for Crop Insurance solutions due to Climate Risk that offers smallholders standardized crop insurance. It improves their ability to adapt to climate change by ensuring transparent, timely, and fair payments when extreme weather events occur.

Blockchain optimizes the capacity, trust, and transparency of the insurance industry…


SafePe brings innovative Blockchain ecosystem and payment network to exchange services in domains such as Agriculture and Utility services.

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