Blockchain is changing the landscape of traditional Insurance

Blockchain technology is used for Crop Insurance solutions due to Climate Risk that offers smallholders standardized crop insurance. It improves their ability to adapt to climate change by ensuring transparent, timely, and fair payments when extreme weather events occur.

Blockchain optimizes the capacity, trust, and transparency of the insurance industry. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) offers advantages to streamline insurance claims processing, increase cybersecurity inquiries and even shorten payment times.

Insurance guidelines can be written as codes that are in the form of decentralized smart contracts. These smart contracts are immutable & automated that will perform underwriting & insurance processing work for the insurer as per the terms & conditions. The smart contracts in Insurance are still at an early stage & reduce middlemen and manual process which are most efficient in terms of speed and cost of operations. Smart Contracts have the ability to create immutable records primarily based totally on a coverage owner’s information that could without delay receive or refute any coverage claims made to the organization.

SafePe brings an innovative ecosystem and payment network to exchange services in domains such as Agriculture productivity, Utility services, Travel solutions by using Blockchain and emerging technologies.

Evolving the agriculture industry through artificial intelligence is the basic objective of SafePe Global Inc by the world’s 1st AI-based SafePe Coin

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