Blockchain is the most in-demand technology for modern Food Supply Chain and Warehouse management

2 min readJun 11, 2021


Blockchain is an easy, automated, and safe way to send information from one person to another. On the other side, the party is creating a block for the transaction. Then the Block will view by then millions, of computers spread over the internet, by the time its viewed, the block I added to the chain, which will be stored over the internet by creating a unique record with a unique history that is decentralized and distributed. All the parties involved in the ecosystem network will be responsible for their actions.

Blockchain helps all the parties and stakeholders involved like warehouses, manufacturers, suppliers, and production sites, distribution centers, and retail partners to connect in the network and to keep the record safe and secure. All the records were stored and accessible to everyone within the network.

With the help of this transparency the users can easily manage the origins of the products, traceability potential recalls and the perishable goods, the manufacture can easily see the consumer demand in real-time plan manufacturing, replenishment, and allowing them to forecast demand accurately.

Another interesting combination is Blockchain with AI and IoT devices which monitor the traceability of goods and also reduce the paperwork with smooth financial transactions. It also provides significant information about the climate which helps businesses to plan their strategy for the movement of their products across the globe.

SafePe brings an innovative ecosystem and payment network to exchange services in domains such as Agriculture productivity, Utility services, Travel solutions by using Blockchain and emerging technologies.

Evolving the agriculture industry through artificial intelligence is the basic objective of SafePe Global Inc by the world’s 1st AI-based SafePe Coin (LOOX)

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SafePe brings innovative Blockchain ecosystem and payment network to exchange services in domains such as Agriculture and Utility services.