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Farm-to-fork model is a new most efficient ecosystem of next generation

This process targets to reduce steps from a farmer to store. Making a smooth transition of goods and food with less wastage and help of technology from farmer to consumer for a better future.

Later it came into limelight that farmers output of income would grow only if they make it directly to the consumers without having a interference of traders or any middlemen. Around 2018-19 many farmers got aware about technology being advanced and many opportunities for them with it and got access to it. We knew it was the right time to work more on technology so it could create an impact on large scale.

This pandemic is the safest and best opportunity for this chain reduction and that’s is why you should definitely choose SafePe

Farm to fork benefits with SafePe

A farm to fork almost benefits every party.

  • Farmers get a lot of profit by reducing this chain of distribution and doesn’t have to share the chunk of profit
  • Restaurants and food industry gets fresh top-quality food due to direct access
  • Due to direct access to industries fresh ingredients/food will be supplied to consumers
  • Farmers being independent and creating local economy
  • Few resources are consumed for transportation, preserving and packaging the food

SafePe brings innovative ecosystem and payment network to exchange services in domains such as Agriculture productivity, Utility services, Travel solutions by using Blockchain and emerging technologies.

Evolving the agriculture industry through artificial intelligence is the basic objective of SafePe Global Inc by the world's 1st AI-based SafePe Coin

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SafePe brings innovative Blockchain ecosystem and payment network to exchange services in domains such as Agriculture and Utility services.