SafePe mission is to collaborate with Farmers for a sustainable food supply

The Population is growing & there is continuous behavior change in consumption. The world is also facing a climate crisis due to shrinking natural resources. There are rigorous efforts by scientific experts & world leaders to address the basic question of how to feed our future generation. There is a serious need to monitor the resources utilization such as water, land, manpower & other factors. The need of the hour is how to increase productivity with optimum utilization of resources. With the help of efficient farming & emerging Technology, the farmers are able to increase the productivity of the food.

The innovation can be revolutionized through a partnership with Agritech startups, food industry services providers, scientific research & government

SafePe brings an innovative ecosystem and payment network to exchange services in domains such as Agriculture productivity, Utility services, Travel solutions by using Blockchain and emerging technologies.

Let’s look at the below services which will help in scaling & sustainable food supply end to end

Monitoring of Crop

Data gathering by advanced Drone and Cameras gadgets

Direct Trade

Higher returns to Producers on the decentralized platform

Storage & Transport

Convenient facility and access to cold storage and transport

Crop Loan

Robust and quick financial assistance by using UID( Unique Identity Database)

Innovative Irrigation

Customized and innovative Irrigation method as per requirement

Rent Equipment

All type of modern farming equipment is easily available

Consultation & Awareness

Continuous awareness through the use of Agri labs for Crop & Soil testing with a timely solution

One Stop

Easy availability of all types of raw material in the designated centers

Evolving the agriculture industry through Blockchain, Drones & Artificial intelligence is the basic objective of SafePe Global Inc by the world’s 1st AI-based SafePe Coin

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SafePe brings innovative Blockchain ecosystem and payment network to exchange services in domains such as Agriculture and Utility services.