The future of agriculture is precision agriculture, surveying, and spraying through Drones

What Are Agricultural or Farming Drones?

2 min readJun 19, 2021


Agricultural drone technology has been up within the previous couple of years, and therefore the edges of drones in agriculture are getting a lot apparent to farmers. Drone applications in agriculture vary from mapping and measurement to crop-dusting and spraying.

On the surface, agricultural drones aren’t any specific than different forms of drones. The utility of the UAV certainly modifications to shape the desires of the farmer. There are, however, numerous drones mainly made for agriculture.

Precision Farming

Agricultural drone technology Precision farming refers to the way farmers work their crops to ensure the efficiency of inputs, such as water and fertilizers, and to maximize productivity, quality, and yield. The term also implies minimizing pests, unwanted flooding, and disease.

Mapping / Surveying

The process of using a drone to map or inspect plants is relatively straightforward. Many newer agricultural drone models are equipped with flight planning software that allows the user to draw the area to be covered. performs an automated trajectory and sometimes even prepares camera recordings.


Drones like these can spray crops much more precisely than a traditional tractor. Reduce costs and potential pesticide exposure to workers who would have to manually spray these plants.

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